How we can guarantee you accurate transcription

We believe that the secret to increasing our market share is providing a better product than our competition does. And we do!

We always discuss your expectations with you to ensure you receive exactly what you requested.

We have specialists who are expert in difficult jobs including hard-to-hear tapes, accents, etc.

Once a transcription has been completed, it is sent to a specific editor based on the key criteria of the job.

We never stop there. Following editing, your job will be sent to our quality control department where it is thoroughly checked for accuracy and to ensure we are meeting your requirements.

How we can guarantee meeting your deadlines

When a new Transcription job comes in, our professionals study its content and strategically plan for its completion. This includes determining who is the best match to do the work and carefully analyzing how much time it will take for completion.

Employees are required to comply with strict scheduling to complete their work including adhering to our fast-flow scheduling system.

Kim Marziole, our CEO, monitors each trascribing job on a daily basis. She uses our fast-flow scheduling system to manage each project and ensure on-time delivery.

How we can save you money through fast, accurate transcription

We function as an on-call temporary staffing company without the exorbitant fees of a temporary employment agency.

We reduce hidden costs such as low productivity and supervisory time.

We reduce employment costs such as workers' comp, unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, overtime, sick time, paid holidays and vacation pay.

We reduce the cost of equipment and supplies including workstations, computers, printers, toner, paper and copying machines.

We reduce temporary personnel costs including training, supervision, low production and quality.